Ideally, we like to start working with students early in high school, and we remain committed to them through the first year of college.

  • Academic Review
  • Learning Style
  • Interests, Skills, Values
  • Potential Careers and Majors
  • Standardized Test Strategy
  • College Preferences
Family’s College Costs
  • Education on the Costs of Public and Private Schools
  • Expected Family Contribution
  • College Strategy Based on Family’s Needs
Application Process
  • Create College List
  • Develop Application Strategy
  • Guide Essay Process
  • Help with the Applications
  • Hold Student to Deadlines
College Choice
  • Make Family Aware of Financial Aid Applications and Deadlines
  • Guide the Student Through the Analysis of Acceptances
  • Help Families Evaluate Financial Aid and Merit Awards
College Preparation
  • Discuss College Expectations and How They Differ from High School
  • Review College Success Tips
  • Point Out On-Campus Resources

"You were invaluable helping navigate all of the factors that need to be considered in selecting colleges to consider. In addition to that, your help understanding testing and test preparation strategies and time lines helped us navigate multiple tests and maximize our outcome. And your pro-active support and guidance was an immense help as we tried to wade through the confusing, inconsistent  vagaries of the process. Don't know what we would have done without your help.

– John S.

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